About Us

Bella & Gia

Hi! We are Gia & Bella, mirror image identical twins, living a tropical life in the Sunshine State.We love slime, traveling, nature, animals, food, and new fun experiences! We’ll give you the inside scoop of fun places to see and visit here in Sarasota and places we find on our travels!

We LOVE animals so all of our recipes we share are vegan. However, some of the restaurants and their food featured are vegetarian. We’re always on the search for restaurants with vegan food! (If you know of one that hasn’t been featured please let us know!!) If you’ve ever really noticed…..most restaurants don’t have a vegan option. A lot of them have at least one vegetarian dish and some have NONE! So whether you’re dairy free, meat free, or just looking to contribute to saving the planet and animals we encourage you to try one of our featured dishes!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you guys twins?

Bella: EVERYONE asks us this! At least once a day….even the Publix cashiers! It seems like it’d be obvious. I mean we look the same.

Gia: lol ditto But we are mirror image so we look a little different.

Do you like being twins?

Gia: It’s better than being an only child.

Bella: I like everything but being asked, “Are you guys twins?” all the time!

When did you become a vegetarian?

October 20,2015. We remember this only because our family took a trip to Orlando for the previous weekend. When we got back, we started. Then in January of 2016 our parents bought us a mini pot belly pig. That made it very easy to not eat meat!