5 stars for sure!!


We can’t say enough great things about Cinebistro. It’s our favorite place to watch new movies!



Our first ever trip was on Sunday, Jan 28 for the 4:00pm showing of Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle. It was a rainy day. We had just wrapped up filming and wanted to get out with the fam and do something fun. 

Overall the experience was great!

We had bought our tickets on line so the wait time to actually get our tickets was fairly short.

ticket counter

We’d recommend going a little early if you want to take advantage of the bar/restaurant area. It was very nice and inviting. Anything you order there can be taken with you into the theatre.

waiting arearestaurant seatingrestaurant/bar

Both restrooms were clean, one before you enter the theatre area and one after.

Once your movie starts there’s no more menu ordering. There is however a bar in the theatre area where you can still get snacks!





The food was my favorite part.

Usually when I go to see a movie there’s a very limited selection. Most theaters have the same stuff…popcorn, obviously, fair food like hot dogs, nachos, and of course a large selection of candy. This theatre, however, had a great menu and you get to eat at your seat! 

Our family tends to share dishes so my only disappointment was that it wasn’t a huge portion! We stick to a vegetarian diet so I can’t comment on any meat dishes but some of the veg options were excellent.

My picks were:

*spaghetti cacio e pepe (pronounciation?) $15.50

~De Cecco Napoli Spaghetti, Pecorino Romano, Fresh Cracked Pepper with Pan Roasted Broccolini, Roasted Garlic & Chilies

LOL I couldn’t pronounce it at the time but the flavor was excellent! I love pasta dishes and this was great. Even the broccolini was tasty!

For my drink I chose:

*cafe mocha $5.00

Also very good. I waited a few minutes to try it because these drinks usually come out too hot for me. The temperature at that point was perfect. I was very happy with my choice.


My favorite thing about the theatre was the seating. It was really comfortable.

I loved the huge chairs and how they recline. There’s also a swivel dining table at each one. The seats are set up in pairs so it was perfect for a group of four. Definitely the best movie theatre ever!

 I ordered:

*kid’s grilled cheese

*ginger ale (free refills) $3.95

*truffle fries $5 small /$10 large

we order truffle fries anywhere that has them….Cinebistro is now in 2nd place! (first place is Capital Grille 🙂 )


I was a little disappointed in the snack selection. They had just a few choices for candy, none of which I liked. Seeing as how the location is in Sarasota I think they should at least have some chocolate from Kilwins!


Other great things about Cinebistro.

  • You can buy the tickets online. The best part about this is that they have reserved seating! Buy them early enough and you can get the best seats available. We sat in the second row…..This was perfect…..I’m not sure there’s a bad seat though.
  • Restaurant/Bar seating while you wait until they open your theatre
  • Clean. Two restrooms, easily accessible.


Be sure to arrive early! You must show up 30 minutes before start of movie to have time to order and receive your food before the trailers start (service ends at movie time).

Get a rewards card!! Unfortunately no-one told us about this so this time doesn’t count.   🙁 Apparently they have one and you can earn free popcorn, candy, and movie tickets with every dollar spent on tickets.

The only sad thing is if you’re not 21 you can’t go after 6. It’s adult only at night!


If you go on Sunday they serve brunch!!

Our second visit was for A Wrinkle In Time on a Sunday..

We tried the French Toast……very good! Huge portion size for this one. You could definitely share!



Have you been to this theatre? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience!

Twinz Take Cinebistro
  • overall experience
  • food
  • seating
  • cleanliness
  • odds of going back
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